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Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse our FAQ section to help you better understand Locale. If there is something you would like to know that is not listed here, please visit our contact page, or click here to personally ask us your question!

What does it cost to post an ad?

All users can post wanted and offering ads for free! We will eventually be offering the option for users to purchase premium featured ad postings, but we currently do not have that option.

Are business owners the only users posting ads?

Definitely not! While we have some businesses offering their services here, most of our users are individual people. We have a user-base that consists of everyone from students, to successful entrepreneurs. Remember, even people looking for others’ services can post a ‘Looking For’ ad!

Why can’t I post an ad?

Please ensure you have verified your account! After creating your account, you will need to go to your account settings and click the verify button. You will be sent a verification code to the email you registered with. Paste the code into the verification window, and you will be able to start creating listings!

How long does it take to receive my verification email?

You should receive your email instantly, but please give it a few minutes if it does not appear immediately. Sometimes heavy traffic will delay email delivery.

Why doesn’t my ad display on the map?

When posting your ad, you need to select your address from the dropdown menu. As you begin typing your address, it will display for you to select. If properly selected, your ad location will display as it should!

Sometimes, depending on the configuration of your browsers auto-fill preferences, you will need to disable it to view the address drop down.

Why doesn’t my ad appear in the search?

Once you create your listing, it is immediately available for all to see. If Locale notices your listing does not follow it’s guidelines, we will need to remove it. You are welcome to post an ad again that follows our guidelines.

Why do the current listings seem to be from only a handful of locations?

Locale seems to have picked up better in certain places, but we would love to expand and offer Locale to as many cities as possible. If you are from somewhere that does not have a lot of ads, please, post an ad, and help spread the word!